Camilla Luddington talks about shoes

Camilla gave a interview to The Hollywood Reporter about shoes and you can read some of it here on the site!

What shoes did you wear at Upfronts this year?

I wore a pair of black suede Christian Louboutins and a pair of Gianvito Rossi wedges. The wedges were perfect, as I needed extra height to wear a long jumpsuit, and they were also easy to walk in!

What is your favorite pair of shoes you’ve worn for a role, and why?

My favorite pair of shoes I’ve worn for a role would have to be the brown Vera Wang combat boots that Jo wears in her everyday life away from the hospital on Grey’s Anatomy. I love them because they are also something I would wear in my everyday life. I wore ballet flats the first season I was on the show — then I spoke with our wardrobe department asking for something less “girly.” It felt like Jo was a little too tomboy for a ballet flat, and the combat boots were more suited to her and her personality.

What is your all-time favorite pair of shoes you’ve wore for a red-carpet event?

I wore patent leather neon orange — I think they were McQueen — to Comic Con a few years ago to promote Tomb Raider. I loved them because they were the boldest color I had ever worn, and I wanted to wear something fun to match the event. It went perfectly with a comic book neon-graphic top I wore and black jeans. I think Comic Con pushes you to have a little more fun and be playful. Everyone else is dressed in cosplay…it would feel weird to wear something boring when you’re standing next to a Khaleesi!

What shoes do you wear when you’re recording Lara Croft?

There are two answers to this question. When I film motion capture I have to wear mocap shoes, which are black sneakers covered in felt with the round-ball “markers” attached to them. When I record voiceover I can wear what I want, so I wear mid-calf black Fiorentini + Baker boots. I’m standing on my feet for four hours straight, so I need to be comfortable, and boots are what she wears, so they help me get into character. It would feel weird recording a running scene and I’m standing in a pair of heels. <<Read More!>>