Grey’s Anatomy Synopsis For Episode 23 “Readiness Is All”

We finally have an official synopsis for episode 23 of Grey’s Anatomy.

The doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital prepare for a super storm heading towards Seattle; Owen’s desire to be a parent gets stronger as he becomes closer to Ethan; and one wrong move puts the lives of Meredith and her baby in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Jo looks to Alex for help in a moment of crisis, and one doctor gets the shock of her life.

Camilla Luddington is coming to MCM London Comic 2013

Lara Croft is coming to MCM London Comic 2013 that runs May 24th – 26th! Camilla Luddington, who plays the iconic action heroine in the new Tomb Raider game, will be meeting fans and talking about her role as the intrepid Lara on the Saturday and Sunday of Europe’s biggest comic con.  British-born Camilla is both the voice and performance actress for Lara in the critically-acclaimed Tomb Raider reboot. Published by Square Enix, the new Tomb Raider explores the gritty origin story of Lara Croft and her ascent from a frightened young woman to a hardened survivor as she explores a mysterious island inhabited by a sinister cult.

Camilla Luddington’s other credits include Jo Wilson in Grey’s Anatomy, Claudette Crane in HBO vampire drama True Blood and Lizzie in the fifth season of Californication.

Camilla Luddington joins a host of special guests at May’s MCM London Comic Con, including the stars of Once Upon a Time, cast and crew from Steven Spielberg’s Fallen Skies, famed anime director Shinichiro Watanabe (as we’d previously reported here) and Mass Effect star Mark Meer. Meanwhile, games publishers already confirmed for the show include Capcom, Nintendo, Square Enix, Rising Star, Tecmo Koei and Koch Media.


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