Interview with Camilla about the Grey’s Anatomy premiere

Camilla gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly about the Grey’s premiere and you can read some of it here.

Yes, she’s happy Alex didn’t beat up Paul, but is there fear now that Paul could somehow track her down?

I think because Alex didn’t say anything to him, I feel like she won’t feel that there’s that fear there. Also, she now knows where he is. So there’s power in knowledge, and he feels very far away. Right now, there’s still a feeling of safety, and maybe even comfort, in knowing that he’s so far from her. But yeah, I don’t think she feels an immediate threat after the conversation, which is a big deal to her.

And yet he is coming back.

They haven’t confirmed it. ABC has not confirmed Matthew Morrison is coming back. That’s all I can say, but I’ll still try to answer a question.

Can you, from an actor’s perspective, talk about prepping — at least in your head — to explore this other side once he does come back into the picture?

I feel like this has been the weight on Jo, because obviously I didn’t know she was married until the end of season 12, then I felt like all of 13, I personally, as an actor, felt all this weight on her from it. And I realize that’s something she can’t shake maybe until they do see each other again. It’s a very important story to tell. I’m honored to be part of that story, and I hope that we do see him, and hopefully it does lead to some sort of healing and closure for her. But it’s also kind of terrifying, the idea of seeing him again, because the way she’s described him is that he’s very, very, very manipulative, and he’s a very frightening person. I would love her to have the strength to continue to stand up for herself, but we haven’t seen what that relationship is like together yet. So, we’ll have to see, if they do meet, what that means for her.

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