Grey’s Anatomy season 11 to start filming on July 25

Thanks to Camilla we know when Grey’s Anatomy will start filming again!

You can read Wet Paints post talking about it below!

It’s been a long summer without new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy to keep us entertained, but it’s not long until we’re rewarded for our patience. September 2014 might still be a couple of months away, but the Grey’s cast is getting back into gear way earlier than that as they reunite to film Season 11.

And now, thanks to Camilla Luddington (Jo Wilson), we have the exact date that the scrubs and white lab coats will be taken off their hangers from the ABC wardrobe department: July 25.

“Hey… Ummmm… 19 days till season 11 filming starts…” Camilla casually tweeted on July 6. “#greysanatomy.”

Such beautiful words have never been spoken. The best part about the show filming again is the fact that it increases the likelihood of spoilers from July 25 on out — and, of course, the Instagram posts and Twitpics from the cast while they’re on set. Bring it on, guys!

To read more of their post click the link above!

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