We finally moved!

As some of you may already know, our previous host decided to quit services so we had to move the whole site to another place. I thought (and hoped) it would take a day or two but it actually took us more than 20 days to find a good host and move it all! But luckily, we’re back. Along with some changes on the site.

  • We have a new domain. Well, it’s almost the same, it’s just .net instead of .com as it used to be.
  • We have a new design on the main site. It’s simple and clean, hopefully easy to read as well. In addition, it’s mobile friendly so you can easily read all the news from your phones, too.
  • Our gallery is locked for registered users only. As we want to preserve our site from possible legal issues, we decided to restrict the access to the images for the real fans out there. I know it may be a little complicated for some of you, but from now on you’ll have to be registered on the gallery to see the photos. But the registration is really easy, I promise.
  • We have a new page on the site with this year’s birthday project for Camilla. Learn more about how to join here.

I believe that I checked all the links on the site to make sure that everything is working properly but if you see something wrong, don’t hesitate to let us know!

New summer design on the site

New summer design on the site

As you can see (obviously!) we have new summer design on the site. I really wanted to make something different this time and here’s the result.

I have now added slider on the header where I’ll constantly update with the latest and important news on Camilla. And on the right we’ll have a gif section which will also be updated.

The style of the news posts is also different. So I’d like to see what you think about it or you prefer the old one. Please, share your opinion and thoughts in the comments below.

We’ll also have new gallery design too as soon as we get new photos from Camilla’s latest photoshoots.

New design on the site

New design on the site

The new year arrived and I’m happy to welcome you to the new design of the site. I was very excited to use the photos from Camilla’s photoshoot for Ocean magazine so I hope you enjoy the new layout.

On the header you can now easily find the links for our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. You also have easy access to the icons archive and soon I’ll add the link to the magazine I’m working on.

Thank you all for visiting the site!

Site news + Gallery update on the site

Site news + Gallery update on the site

Since it’s holidays season, we’re not very active neither on the site, nor on the social networks, for which we really apologize. But we have some very interesting things coming up in the next year so, please, bare with us.
As it goes to Camilla, some you may have noticed if you follow her on Twitter that she’s now in England with her family to celebrate the holidays. We hope she has the best time and rest well. We also wish you Happy Holidays and hoe that you too spend them with your families and friends.

I also hope you’ve seen the video for Camilla’s birthday. It looks great and thanks to everyone who decided to participate! I’m sure that we all made Camilla very happy on this special day.

And some little updates on the gallery – I have added latest Camilla’s photos from her Twitter and Instagram as well as 2 new photos from her photoshoot for Felix magazine, shared by Camilla Source.