Camilla’s photoshoot for Line magazine

Camilla’s photoshoot for Line magazine

Just Jared shared 3 photos from Camilla’s photoshoot for Line magazine. You can go and check them in the gallery. Hopefully, we’ll have more pictures very soon.

We also have an extract from the interview for Line Mag.

On whether she prefers Dr. McDreamy or Dr. McSteamy: “I was always a McDreamy fan…maybe it’s the hair.”

On one of her best on-set memories from Grey’s Anatomy: “There’s a period where Jo and Alex tease their romance for an entire season. The first kiss was very special to me cause I was rooting for them all season. They are best friends on the show. Justin Chambers and I would even ask the writers, ‘When are Alex and Jo getting together? We know they’re meant to be together!’ It was a really great memory. I loved that moment for her.”

On what she would be doing if she wasn’t acting: “I would want to be a ghost hunter because I am obsessed with those shows. I don’t know why I say that cause I’m so scared of ghosts and wouldn’t last five minutes, but in my head I would be amazing. In reality, I would be out of there in two minutes!”

On exciting projects currently in the works: “I am about to film The Healer with Oliver Jackson Cohen. It’s a romantic comedy filming this summer and should be out next year. I also have a top-secret project that I can’t talk about…Stay tuned!”


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Camilla Luddington with photoshoot for Line Magazine

Camilla Luddington with photoshoot for Line Magazine

Camilla Luddington did a photoshoot for Line magazine yesterday. We still don’t have the official shoot photos but we have some behind the scenes pictures added in our gallery so go and check them out.

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