Camilla talks about the Grey’s finale with EW!

Camilla talks about the Grey’s finale with EW!

Camilla talked to Entertainment Weekly about the Grey’s finale and you can read some of what she had to say below!

Jo Wilson is not Jo Wilson! How long have you known that about her?
I really didn’t know much at all. I knew midway through the season that Shonda [Rhimes] was wanting to explore her backstory. I had no idea until the table read that Jo was married. I had no idea that her name wasn’t Jo Wilson, too. That was completely shocking. I still have no idea what her name is. It’s weird, because I feel like she has this [whole other] identity that now I’m questioning everything.

What was your reaction to learning about this abusive past?
I was thinking about this myself in going back and thinking about other moments. So it’s a really sad situation she feels like she’s in where she also cannot tell the person that she’s trying to protect, and therefore might lose them, too. It was really difficult to play. It was really heartbreaking to play. I also feel like it was difficult because she had so many opportunities to maybe, in that finale, tell him, like during that conversation where he’s really grilling her, and she just can’t do it.

Worse, Alex catches her half-naked and drunk in bed with DeLuca. How does that damage the trust between Jo and Alex?
That was the last scene we filmed. We may have even filmed all of that finale in chronological order for me personally. I was glad that it was the last scene that I filmed, because I walked away from the season, and I posted a picture on Instagram, which nobody knew at the time [what it meant]. It’s a picture of me, I dragged my bed covers onto the couch, and I just got into bed, because I literally felt heartbroken myself. I was thinking, “I don’t know how she can recover from this.” She now has so much to explain, not just why she’s been married, or why she didn’t tell him, or that it’s not her real name; now she has to also explain how she got herself in a situation where it looks like cheating, and that she wasn’t cheating. I wonder if it’s just all too much to recover from.

Jo also fears Alex will go after her husband. If we do get to meet him next season, do you expect that to be the case?
I mean, look at the way Alex went after DeLuca. [Laughs.] I cannot even imagine what he would do to an ex that he knew had been that abusive to her. I can’t even imagine. <<Read More>>

Camilla talks about the Grey’s Anatomy season twelve finale!

Camilla talks about the Grey’s Anatomy season twelve finale!

OH MY GOODNESS THIS FINALE!!! What did you think of the episide?! The good news is Camilla talked about the episode with The Hollywood Reporter and you can read some of her interview here on the site! DO NOT READ FURTHER UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE SPOILED!

Jo is already married. How did you find out and what was your reaction?

I knew at around January that Shonda was toying with the idea of unearthing some of Jo’s past. I knew she was going through different scenarios of what that could possibly be. I had no idea for sure what it could be, just that we were going to dig it up. But I didn’t tknow if it was going to be something that could affect Alex. Way back in season nine, Jo does reference something — after the whole Chest Peckwell fight — something abusive having happened in her past. I thought maybe it would be an ex-boyfriend showing up. I didn’t know she was married until the table read [for the finale].

Why would Jo keep this a secret all these years and never file for divorce?

She’s drunk but from what she said, her husband is super charismatic and everyone loved him. At the same time, he was extremely dangerous. She thinks if she files, he will be able to find her and she she has gone almost undercover; she ran from him and, in her mind, disappeared from him. Jo thinks that will unearth everything and he’ll find her. She’s protecting herself and Alex at the same time because her husband is dangerous and if he found out Jo was with Alex, that could be a bad thing for Alex, too.

The finale really sets the stage for Grey’s to tell a larger domestic abuse storyline in season 13. What kind of conversations have you had with Shonda about how that will be handled?

We’ve discussed that before anything gets into more detail, that we’ll sit down and have a one on one with each other. With the bigger, more serious and delicate issues we take on, Shonda knows that it needs to be discussed ahead of time for the direction to go in and how to handle that. I’m assuming we’re going in the direction of exploring it and I think a meeting at some point will happen when we get deep into it. <<Read More>>

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Camilla Luddington guest at Young Hollywood Studio

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