MCM Comic Con Fan Encounter

MCM Comic Con Fan Encounter

I was one of many who was lucky enough to get a chance to see Camilla at MCM Comic Con London on May 28th, 2016. I decided to make a weekend of it and travelled down to London the day before. It was a very early start for me, as from previous experience, I know that Comic Con is a very crowded place and it can take anything up to 90 minutes to even get into the building. I eagerly made my way to Custom House, where the ExCel centre resides, along the way many cosplayers joined the train, making for an entertaining journey!

I arrived at ExCel around 8:30, and to my pleasant surprise, I was into the building by 8:45, then we had to wait; 15 long minutes for doors to open inside the building, letting us into the event, and to run to the back of the huge hall to get in line to buy passes for autographs. The line was huge, in just 10 short minutes, it had already began to snake around the hall, grudgingly I joined the back of the line and embarked upon the one hour forty-five minute wait to buy autograph tickets.

As you may know attending Comic Con is basically just a series of waiting in line after line; so after the huge ticket line, I then went to join the line that was starting to form at Camilla’s autograph table and began another 45 minute wait. Every moment of that wait was worth it, because at 11:15 she arrived and sat at the table, and the line started to move. I was the 9th person in line, my nerves were completely shot and I felt myself falling to pieces. I’ve been a fan of Camilla for years, and for quite some time ran my own fan site, – I had a lot resting on this meet up, and it terrified me….

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Camilla Luddington guest at  Young Hollywood Studio

Camilla Luddington guest at Young Hollywood Studio

Camilla Luddington sits down with Access Hollywood Live’s Billy Bush and Kit Hoover to tease the upcoming “Grey’s Anatomy” season finale, and promises “there will be answers” about her character’s relationship with Justin Chambers’ Dr. Karev. Is a wedding on the way?

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