Camilla’s interview with Mom Tastic!

Camilla was interviewed by Mom Tastic about her pregnancy and you can read some of it here on the site!

MT: You’ve been working throughout your pregnancy. Any challenges beyond the exhaustion?
CL: I suffered from severe morning sickness for the first six months, and I ended up throwing up in the middle of a scene we were shooting. I thought, ‘Oh my God! People are going to think I’ve come into work hungover!’ So, even though it was very early on and I was keeping my pregnancy a secret, I felt like I needed to go to Shonda [Rhimes, the show’s creator] and tell her I was pregnant.

MT: Has it been difficult going through pregnancy without your mom?
CL: Yes, I miss her a lot. One of the things that I’ve found hard is I haven’t been able to pick up the phone and talk to her about her experiences while pregnant. During my first trimester, I was so shocked by the exhaustion and the nausea, and I had nose bleeds. I had this idyllic image of me doing yoga every day and looking so chic, and that hasn’t been the case at all. I really wish that I could have called my mum about that stuff.

MT: Last Q before we let you go: How do you think Matthew will handle having a little girl?
CL: He has always wanted a daughter. I think there is just something very special about a daddy and a daughter relationship. I’m worried for him, though. I think he’s going to be an emotional mess and she’ll be able to wrap him around her finger very easily! <<Read More>>

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